Thursday, November 19, 2009

What's Back to Give You the Chills?

...Coney Island Ice Cream is. Yes, it's back! The ice cream we've loved from our childhood is back...but it's now known as GoNuts Ice Cream.

The taste remains the same and the ohhh sooo creaminess of the ice cream is sure to drive you to ice cream heaven ***Yum!*** The ice cream is made with fresh milk and cream thus giving it its premium, oh! so sinful texture and taste.

new york! new york! on a cone (P80.00)

PISTACHIO by the window (P80.00)

The Flavor Roster:

lots n lots of ice cream

Belgian Chocolate
Cool scrumptiousness of rich dark chocolate intensified with gobs of chocolate shavings

French Vanilla
Richest vanilla flavor from real vanilla beans and fresh eggs

Cafe Mocha
Perk up your taste buds with our frozen coffee delight with a hint of chocolate

Pastillas De Leche
A swirl of milky sweetness of the much loved pinoy delicacy

A luscious swirl of milk chocolate with surprising sprinkles of nuts and marshmallow

Savor some Tutti Fruti sweetness infused with real juicy bubble gum bits

Choco Hazelnut
The most delightful dark chocolate flavor, drizzled with oh-so-heavenly hazelnut syrup
- a must try for choco addicts!

Authentic nutty pistachio essence chilled to perfection

Go macadamia all the way! Macadamia ice cream with a dash of real,nutty macadamia bits

the scoopery

Immerse in full strawberry goodness with fresh fruit slices

Walnut bits in extra rich vanilla ice cream-imagine crunchy and creamy all at the same time!

new york! new york!
Delicious buttery taste with that premium pecan flavor

The Prices:
Favorites- Single Scoop P60.00
Double Scoop P100.00
Tub P185.00

Premium- Single Scoop P80.00
Double Scoop P135.00
Tub P215.00

*** GoNuts Ice Cream is available at Go Nuts Donuts SM Mall of Asia, Westgate and SM Makati***

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  1. Wow! Sounds interesting... never really tried it before, my dad have always forbade me ice cream because when I was a kid. Glad I get that chance back hehe