Thursday, November 19, 2009

What's Back to Give You the Chills?

...Coney Island Ice Cream is. Yes, it's back! The ice cream we've loved from our childhood is back...but it's now known as GoNuts Ice Cream.

The taste remains the same and the ohhh sooo creaminess of the ice cream is sure to drive you to ice cream heaven ***Yum!*** The ice cream is made with fresh milk and cream thus giving it its premium, oh! so sinful texture and taste.

new york! new york! on a cone (P80.00)

PISTACHIO by the window (P80.00)

The Flavor Roster:

lots n lots of ice cream

Belgian Chocolate
Cool scrumptiousness of rich dark chocolate intensified with gobs of chocolate shavings

French Vanilla
Richest vanilla flavor from real vanilla beans and fresh eggs

Cafe Mocha
Perk up your taste buds with our frozen coffee delight with a hint of chocolate

Pastillas De Leche
A swirl of milky sweetness of the much loved pinoy delicacy

A luscious swirl of milk chocolate with surprising sprinkles of nuts and marshmallow

Savor some Tutti Fruti sweetness infused with real juicy bubble gum bits

Choco Hazelnut
The most delightful dark chocolate flavor, drizzled with oh-so-heavenly hazelnut syrup
- a must try for choco addicts!

Authentic nutty pistachio essence chilled to perfection

Go macadamia all the way! Macadamia ice cream with a dash of real,nutty macadamia bits

the scoopery

Immerse in full strawberry goodness with fresh fruit slices

Walnut bits in extra rich vanilla ice cream-imagine crunchy and creamy all at the same time!

new york! new york!
Delicious buttery taste with that premium pecan flavor

The Prices:
Favorites- Single Scoop P60.00
Double Scoop P100.00
Tub P185.00

Premium- Single Scoop P80.00
Double Scoop P135.00
Tub P215.00

*** GoNuts Ice Cream is available at Go Nuts Donuts SM Mall of Asia, Westgate and SM Makati***

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What's the Color of your Fortune?...

...Mine's Golden. Golden Fortune has been a regular after badminton "hangout" for us..a.k.a. this is where we pig out after sweating it out =)...oh! who can resist the calling of good food paired with good company and topped off with affordable price? DEFINITELY not us =P.

Due to it's location, it's been a while since H and I ate here. So we grabbed the chance to visit Golden Fortune again during one of our errand trips to Manila.

The Food Spread:


As usual this dish didn't disappoint. The serving is ample and the amount of seafood they included in the dish is enough to make one's mouth water. This order is definitely good for more than one person.


I was a bit disappointed when I first saw our order. I thought to myself :"it's so small =("..well, it's not really that small but comparing it to other oyster cakes we've tried in the past..this is a bit smaller. BUT! Everything changed when i took my first bite *yum!*. The oysters are so fresh and can almost smell the scent of the ocean with every bite =D. Traditionally, oyster cakes are served with hot sauce or ketchup for dipping but for the oyster cake served at Golden Fortune, we didn't bother to use the dipping sauces because we are able to enjoy more of the fresh oyster taste that way.


This is one of my favorite dimsums since I was a child. H liked it too when i first had him try it. We like Golden Fortune's version of this dimsum because of the generous amount of Chinese sausage they included in the cake which gives it a smokey aroma.

*excuse the two missing pieces of siomai in the picture...the smell of the freshly steamed dimsum is just too tempting to resist*...ho!ho!ho!

Going to a Chinese restaurant and not ordering siomai is like going to a Japanese restaurant and not ordering we just gotta have it! We found the siomai a bit too oily...i guess they have to put enough pork fat so the meat won't get too dry during steaming. Except for the oiliness, their siomai tastes really good.

Overall, we are very happy with our meal. As with most Chinese cooking the dishes are a bit oily...that's why Chinese people drink tea with their meals to wash away the oiliness of the food. This is one restaurant we will continue going back to as long as they remain open =D. Aside from dimsum they also serve traditional Chinese dishes and shabu-shabu ( Hot Pot ).

They have an ongoing promo in both their branches offering discounts on dimsum and Shabu-Shabu items at certain hours as follows:

BINONDO BRANCH - 2:30pm-5:30pm
T.M. KALAW BRANCH - 9pm onwards

Binondo Branch:
G/F Peace Hotel,1283 Soler St., Binondo Manila
Tel. No. +632.244.2777

T.M. Kalaw Branch:
678 T.M. Kalaw St.
Ermita, Manila
Tel. No. +632.522.2288

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Snackees: LifeChoice FRESH Veggie and Fruit Sticks

Looking for a healthy snack alternative? Check this out :

the Nutrition Facts & Ingredients

the contents

Iam no expert in health nutrition but comparing the nutrition facts of this snack from other snacks in the market, I can say that this is waaayyyy healthier than you bag of potato chips =)...and it tastes good too! It is reminiscent of Snaku ( another snack that claims to be made from veggies as well ) but less salty and a lot crunchier.

Enjoy snacking!

*LifeChoice FRESH Veggie and Fruit Stick is available in local supermarkets*

[Hu:]'s Going Crazy Over Noodles?

Curious about the concept of a restaurant serving only Chinese and Japanese noodles we decided to give [Hu:] a shot.

Upon entering the quaint little restaurant, you will be welcomed by their friendly staff. Since it is our first time to try this place we didn't have much of an expectation...but we were a bit disappointed to see how limited their menu is :

Yes! That's all they have

free steaming hot Korean green tea

The dishes were in Korean ( which made us think that this is more of a Korean noodle house rather than a Chinese/Japanese place ) but with English descriptions. Unfamiliar with what dishes to order, the friendly staff helped us out to their house specialties.

The Food Spread :

- stir fried noodles with black soy bean sauce served on a large plate

MIL,SIL and FIL shared this order. Upon seeing how dark the sauce is, we expected the dish to be salty but it actually tasted pretty good...not salty at all! There is a hint of sweetness in the sauce.

- spicy noodle soup


H's order which the family also had to share. The broth of this dish is heavenly! You can taste the infusion of different seafood flavors and the spiciness adds just enough kick to awaken ones senses...and clear one's sinuses =P

- cold buckwheat noodles...( but we had it hot )

We specially liked the lightness of the broth used in this noodle dish. Though this noodle soup didn't come with any meat toppings it is very tasty...i say the secret is in the broth!

- boiled dumplings

The dumplings tasted okay, we've had better dumplings in other places that serve the same.

Overall, the food is okay but we didn't end the meal feeling satisfied..maybe because we are not accustomed to the kind of food they have. A good sign that this is not a bad restaurant is the number of Koreans who were entering and eating in the restaurant....and boy! do they seem to enjoy their noodles =).

Address: Located along El Grande Ave. BF Homes Paranaque

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Turning Japanese : Hanakazu Japanese Restaurant

Hanakazu is one of the more upscale Japanese restaurants in the BF Paranaque area. To celebrate MIL's birthday, we had dinner here ( as recommended by her friends ).

The Food Spread :

- mixed greens with slices of sashimi served with Japanese vinaigrette dressing ( on the side )

- rolled sushi containing cucumber, imitation crab stick and mango

SHRIMP TEMPURA (3pcs.) Php 220.00
- deep fried black tiger prawns

GYOZA ( 6pcs.) Php ---
- pan-fried pork dumplings

- deep fried egg noodles topped with seafood sauce

KATSUDON Php 230.00?
- rice topped with deep fried pork cutlets, egg and condiments

H and I both think the prices are a bit steep for the quality and taste of the food they serve. Don't get me wrong, Hanakazu isn't a total is actually good but we expected more for the prices they charge. The taste is similar to more entry-level Japanese restaurants such as Tempura or Teriyaki Boy ( whose prices are half of what Hanakazu charges ). Thank God for senior citizen cards we got a little discount from the total bill...yay! =))

108 Aguirre Ave.
BF Homes, Paranaque City
Tel. Nos. (632) 850.2512 / 622.0536
Mobile No. (0917) 886.7276

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Buffalo Wings and Things

From their original branch in Ortigas Home Depot, Buffalo Wings and Things has found another home in BF. Curious about the place, we decided to give it a try even if we see the place empty most of the time.

The food spread:

Basket of fries Php 75.00

There is nothing special about their fries...the best thing about it, is being able to eat the fries hot straight out of the fryer =)) your tongue though cuz it can be HOT! HOT! HOT!

1/2 Pound New York Finest Champion Buffalo Wings Php 125.00

There are other sauces to choose from but we opted for this semi-spicy blend. The order came with a pair of wings that's been cut into 4pcs. We found the sauce a bit salty but liked the spiciness. The best thing about this dish is the tenderness and juicyness of the chicken with every bite. Dips can be ordered to complement the wings ( and fries )...we got the Blue Cheese ( Php 35.00 )which was a good match for the wings.

Twin Philly Cheese Steak Php 195.00

We were so happy when we saw our order...uhm!!!! it smelled really good, beef slices overflowing, cheese sauce dripping all over. The taste? Well, it wasn't all bad..let's just say it's one of those dishes that look better than it tastes. It was just ... ok, and it was too small for the price.
I hope that they would use Italian bread or French baguette in making this sandwich ( like how it's traditionally done ) instead of the Pinoy mini hotdog buns that they used because I found the bread too sweet and it tends to overpower the flavors of the cheese steak.

We found the place a bit expensive for the kind of food they serve. Good thing we walked out the place feeling full ( who wouldn't be if you ate everything fried? hehehe!).

Service is impeccable! ( probably because we were the only customers present during that time) all our needs were attended to. Our table was immediately wiped clean each time we finished an

The Menu:

Pasig Branch
Food Street, Ortigas Home Depot
Julia Vargas, Pasig City
Tel. No. (623) 994.8887

BF Homes Branch
231 Aguirre, BF Homes
Paranaque City
Tel. No. (632) 703.4867

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Snackies: Tostitos w/ Creamy Spinach Dip

Having junk food cravings? Try these out...

Tostitos w/ Hint of Lime...adds another dimension to the usual tortilla chips

Plain is good but we like it paired with Tostitos Creamy Spinach Dip...the dip is also good as a spread on toasted whole wheat baguette ( for a healthier alternative)

The pair we love =)
Tostitos w/ Hint of Lime Php 127.20**
Tostitos Creamy Spinach Dip Php 175.40**

**Prices may vary depending from where you buy it. Prices indicated above are from Landmark supermarket.